Online Voiceover

Training Course

Online Voiceover Training Course

  • Consolidation of my 20 years as a leading London-based voice artist and 10 years experience of in-person voiceover coaching.
  • 26 videos over six modules, including 30-min voice warm up.
  • Audio-only versions of all videos + downloadable transcript of full course and worksheets.
  • Everything you need to know to kick start, build and maintain a career in voiceover.
  • Top tips for honing your voiceover skills.
  • On-screen text with opportunities for practice.
  • Expert industry advice.
  • Lifetime access.



26 videos over six modules, including 30-min voice warm up

+ Audio-only versions of all videos and downloadable transcript of full course and worksheets.

Module 1:

Voiceover Basics

Video 1.1 Introduction

Video 1.2 The Voiceover Session

In Module 1 we start with the basics and look at what to expect from a typical voiceover session, some of the challenges you might face and how to overcome them.

Module 2:

The Art of Reading

Video 2.1 Seeing What You're Saying

Video 1.2 Changing Up Your Reading

Module 2 explores the core voice over skill of lifting the text off the page and the main variables at play - pace, tone, modulation and accents.

Module 3:

Useful Tips

Video 3.1 Think Spatially

Video 3.2 Leader Lines

Video 3.3 Actioning

Video 3.4 Line Endings

Video 3.5 Lists

Video 3.6 Smiling

Video 3.7 Proximity to the Microphone

Video 3.8 Expanding into Summary Lines

Each video in Module 3 examines a top tip that you can use to help bring life to your reading, with on-screen text and opportunities for practice.

Module 4:

The Different Kinds of Voiceover

Video 4.1 Commercials

Video 4.2 Documentaries

Video 4.3 Corporate Videos

Video 4.4 Dubbing

Video 4.5 Video Games and Motion Capture

Video 4.6 Animation

Video 4.7 A Word About Audio Books

In Module 4 we look at at the various different kinds of voiceover you might encounter in your career, the challenges to look out for and what to get excited about!

Module 5:

Where Do You Go From Here?

Video 5.1 Industry Mindset

Video 5.2 Voice Agents and Voice Reels

Video 5.3 A Word About AI

Video 5.4 Practice and Voice Tests

Video 5.5 Setting Up Your Own Studio

Video 5.6 Building a Career

Our focus for Module 5 is the voiceover industry, how to get started, find representation, set up on your own and build a career.

Module 6:

Voice Exercises

Video 6.1 Voice Exercises

Module 6 is one stand alone video taking you through a 30-minute daily voice warm up, where you'll learn to ground the voice, connect with the breath and build vocal flexibility and specificity.

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